Sunday, March 28, 2010

All-Star Charity Game, II

Fundraising can be a frustrating process. Lots of places have complicated donation procedures that take months to process. Some give you a number for corporate, usually an office somewhere in New York, where you leave a voice mail that inevitably goes unanswered.

Still, there are very rewarding moments as well, like when friends, family, or local businesses step up to chip in and make a difference. The Sweet Life Bakery donated a $35 dollar gift card for our raffle. My wife told her boss Jeff Tittelfitz about our fundraiser and he donated a $100 Macy's gift card. I'm sure that with these, and other valuable contributions, we will have another successful All-Star game this year.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All-Star Charity Game

This year's All-Star Charity Game will be played on April 4th at 3:30, at Gerlinger Hall. Your LBA All-Stars are as follows:

OFFICIALS: Tom and Dawn Shrum
COACH: Briana Renzetti
Brady Iandiorio
Neal Rosenshein
Dave Sherbo-Huggins
Ryan Olds
Tyler Hinton
Chris Page
Matt Cincotta
Stephen Robbins
Gabe Harrison
Derrick Louie
Matt Geschke

The All-Stars will be doing battle with a team of to-be-named Alumni, assembled by former LBA great, Ali Seals.

We're hoping to double last year's fundraising mark by raising $1000 for Partners in Health.

Why Partners in Health?
Partners in Health has been an active force for good in Haiti for over 20 years now, providing health care and education to the poor. Before the earthquake they had over 5,000 people working on health projects in Haiti. It was important to us that we chose an organization that has an intimate knowledge of the needs of the Haitian people and a well established infrastructure to put the money to good use. The earthquake was two months ago, but the need for continued aid is as important as ever.

How To Help
We are currently accepting cash donations, as well as gift certificates and other items to be raffled off at the All-Star game. All proceeds will be donated to Partners in Health. Cash donations can be made in person, or by using the Chip In widget on the right side of this blog. To donate for the All-Star game raffle, please contact

What is the LBA?

The Legal Basketball Association (LBA) is a co-ed student basketball league here at the University of Oregon School of Law. The LBA is made up of twelve teams of 7-8 students that play four games a week for about 30 weeks throughout the school year. Overall there are over 700 games played in a season.

Students show their dedication by showing up all year for games that start at 7:00 am, no small feat for a group of grad students who are swamped with papers and assignments, not to mention the stress of finding work and internships.

The league is modeled after the NBA, with a lottery, draft, All-Star game and playoffs. Our All-Star game is an opportunity to raise money for charity. Last year we raised over $500 dollars for the Student Hurricane Network, and this year we're aiming for $1000 dollars for Partners in Health.